Friday, April 7, 2017

Touchdown: Chiang Mai

The 13-hr sleeper car train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand was a memory-maker. Very friendly staff on the Thailand State Railroad, and the sleeper bunks were neat and roomy (but a little hot because we didn't figure out how to turn the overhead fans on until the attendant showed us in the morning.

Here's Zaylie with some eyewitness reporting on the overnight train experience:

Thursday night Train #8 Bangkok > Chiang Mai
Arrival in Chiang Mai Friday morning


  1. That looks so cool. What a great design. Was there some audio from Z, or was the eyewitness report the photo? WIsh I could send you some of PDX's weather today to cool you off.

  2. Now it is there. Looking forward to more ZTravelogues.

  3. Love these so much! ❤❤ great job Z!

  4. Sounds like another fantastic experience for all. Loving the pictures and updates!

  5. Thanks to Z we have a pretty good idea of the setup. Glad to see there are Pringles over there! ��

  6. I can't deal with this at all. Love the interview and the reporting and the photos so much! Missing you guys, can't wait to hear more about Chiang Mai! You getting your water gun strategy together?! ��

    1. Definitely working on the water gun arsenal already. Fin is probably going to go with something along the lines of this bad boy:


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