Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ko Jum

April 23- May 2  We headed south to the small Thai island of Koh Jum, population 1500, to feel the ocean breeze and escape the intense heat in Chiang Mai.  Our friend Siofra's cousin, Marnie, owns an incredible eco resort there and set us up,  We had a beautiful villa right on the beach in one of the most laid back-chilled places Scott and I have ever been.  We soaked sun, swam, took naps, did some school work, rode bikes into the village, snorkeled, found crabs, insects and lizards, walked the beach, played a lot of cards, and generally had the best time ever.

long tailing it from the mainland

Lach porting in

Our incredible 4 bedroom beach villa complex with our own pool, Thank you Marnie and Siofra for the best 9 days.

walkway to meals

Our outside shower, the best except when joined by super large beetles

View from our balcony

one very laid back island

Whit the salty dog, in his element

the locals call this one "chicken island", see why?

snorkeling spot

Whit rolling deep

post snorkel snack prepared by our guides

here, fishy, fishy

not shy, these fish

good lord get back!

Lachlan approves

This jellyfish apparently was delicious to these denizens of the deep

a favorite beach hangout

SO many cool crabs


Bustling Ko Jum Village's main street ;)

Sunsets and sand- cant beat it
Cocktail hour daily at our place, Koh Jum Beach Villas, aka "Paradise" logged in Lachlan's journal

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