Thursday, June 15, 2017


Guest entry by by Whitman:

After Penang we took a 2 1/2 hour high speed ferry to Malaysia's Langkawi. The ocean was rough and most of us got seasick.

Hanging out at the Penang ferry station

all aboard the high speed ferry from Penang to Langkawi

 We stayed at a beachfront resort called Malibest resort. The sand on the beach felt like powdered sugar and there were at least 20 people near us trying to rent out jetskis.

footnote by Scott:  Dozens of touts lined the beach selling wave-runner rentals and & parasailing rides.  The water was accordingly filled with high-powered watercraft piloted by tourists who had no training and little driving skill.  Treacherous is an understatement.  

Whit in his happy place

 On our second day we went up to the top of Machincang Mountain on the longest free span mono cable in southeast Asia. At the top there were attractions like the "sky bridge," "sky rex", "sky cafe," "sky bistro," and "sky toilets." (Just kidding.) 


One night we went to a live seafood restaurant.  They had tanks of lobsters, crabs and grouper. We all felt too sorry for the fish to have any.  

The next day we went for a ride on a banana boat. its a banana shaped tube tied to a jet ski. At one point they threw us off on purpose for fun.  Mom, Lach, and Z all bashed into each other.  Good fun.

   Across the street from our hotel there was a crepe place owned by a French couple. The crepes were delicious. There were lots of stray cats on Langkawi.

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