Saturday, June 10, 2017


 We loved Penang, a busy island in northern Malaysia and its second biggest city.  Chinese influence is evident throughout its amazing heritage neighborhood, a UNESCO site.  Whitman is noticeably absent from our photos because he spent the entire time there laid up with a stomach bug.😝

High speed line from Ipoh to the wonderfully named Butterworth Station

sadly, no butterbeer served at Butterworth station

all aboard the ferry from Butterworth station to Penang

Fun stuff at the top of Penang Hill, reachable only by funicular (one of my favorite words).  

interesting elephant-dragon hybrid guarding the Buddhist temple at the top of Penang Hill

hitting the streets of the Heritage Neighborhood

The excellent Joanne Chen, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Guide, lead us through its many murals, sculptures, Chinese clan houses and delicious eateries.
kids & our guide, Joanne Chen, in front of the Bruce Lee mural
street art!

painting at Glow Hotel in Penang.  Good place.

lots of beautifully maintained Chinese shophouses in the Heritage Neighborhood

The food was unparalleled, including incredible local specialties like Asam Laksa (a savory/sour fish stew) Char-koay-teow (rice noodles cooked over a charcoal fire) and Curry Mee (a curry noodle soup).

in line for a "hawker stand"--the carts selling street food

a char-koay-teow master

you want your noodles hot or hotter?

Asam Laksa--amazing.

Fin eating everything in sight at the famous Tek Sen restaurant

There also were baked treats at the funky China House, an artsy and elegant place owned by an Australian ex-pat.  Its bakery turns out 300 different cakes a day.
China House courtyard

leaving a doodle at China House

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